Dancing with the Stars
The Dr. Oz Show
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Tru TV
Sony Pictures Television
Leo Burnett's Greenhouse
Undercover Boss promo
CBS Morning News promo
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Mike & Molly promo
Fake Off promo
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson promo
The Late Late Show with David Letterman promo
Big Brother promo
2 Broke Girls promo
Blue Bloods promo
The Young and the Restless promo
The Millers promo
Let's Make a Deal promo
The Crazy Ones promo
Under the Dome promo
How I Met Your Mother promo
Brooklyn DA promo
The Price is Right promo
Two And a Half Men promo
The Mentalist promo


The Language Tutor intro (YouTube Channel)
Revolution of One Web Series (FEE)
How We Thrive: Dian Stan (FEE)
Invisible Hands Web Series (FEE)
The Bomber’s Hideout (YouTube Channel)
Space to Explore (Katherine Dubois)
Duchess of Atholl (FEE)
How We Thrive: Made in Mékhé (FEE)
How We Thrive: Coding Cannabis (FEE)
Thomas Clarkson: The First Abolitionist (FEE)
Avery + Client (Cobblestone Productions)
O9EN UP teaser trailer (Tyler Lee Allen)
2018 Easter bumper (12Stone Church)
Every Bike Needs a Kid (12Stone Church)
The Lazy Millennial intro (FEE)
Heartbreaking Experience with Socialism (FEE)
2017 Alumni News (Columbia College Chicago)
All In (Pixel Preacher)
For Better or Worse (Pixel Preacher)
Like Me (Pixel Preacher)
Iron Wolf Academy promo
Virtuoso (Charlie Myers)
Here Died All Cardinals (Artem Avakian)
Grave Innocence (Florida State University)
Shades (Magnify Entertainment)
Pen Pals (Nancy Williams)
Tiger Lily trailer (Byron Conrad Erwin)
Zombie Tag (Magnify Entertainment)
Freeze (Get the Horns Productions)


Cherry Island trailer (
Magnus Quest (Game Sage Productions)
Oslo the Professional (Jordan Miller)
Untitled Platformer (Pixel Angell)
Freja and the False Prophecy trailer (Unsigned Double Collective)
Berserk Boy demo (ZuEhtisham)
Monster Sanctuary trailer (Moi Rai Games)
Beard Blade (Glovebox Games)
Mage (Game Sage Productions)
The Dark One (Tenfor)
Jar Battlers (Sylph Arcade)
Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior (Ritual Games)
DreamTales (Fingers Meet Controller)
Sneaky Snake trailer (Sol Key)
Liberty®: Deception motion comic (Fool and Scholar Productions)
Snail Panic (Nehemek Games)
Hills (Nehemek Games)
GLORY™ trailer (Reach Game Studios)
A More Beautiful World visual novel (Afterthought Studios)
Duel School demo (Columbia College Chicago)
Worm Run (Golden Ruby Games)
Zuwaka demo (YoYo Games)
Rogue Mercenary (YoYo Games)
The 9 Divine (YoYo Games)


The White Vault
The White Vault: Imperial
Liberty®: Vigilance
Liberty®: Critical Research
Liberty®: Tales from the Tower
Dark Dice
VAST Horizon
FEE Audio Experience
FEE Revolution of One
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