Beard Blade (PC) – TBD 2017
Liberty® Deception motion comic – TBD 2017
A More Beautiful World visual novel – 2016
Snail Panic (Android) – 2015
Hills (PC) – 2015
Duel School (PC) – 2014
Worm Run (iOS) – 2013
The 9 Divine (PC) – 2013
Zuwaka (PC) – 2010
Rogue Mercenary (PC) – 2008

Pixel Preacher ‘Like Me’ (bumper) – 2017
Pixel Preacher ‘For Better or Worse’ (bumper) – 2017
Iron Wolf Academy (bumper) – 2016
Here Died All Cardinals (short) – 2015
Virtuoso (feature) – 2014
Grave Innocence (short) – 2014
Shades (short) – 2012
Freeze (short) – 2012
Zombie Tag (feature) – 2011

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ABC Dancing With the Stars

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CBS Evening News (promo)
CBS Golf (promo)
CBS This Morning (promo)
2 Broke Girls (promo)
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Big Brother (promo)
Blue Bloods (promo)
Bold and the Beautiful (promo)
Brooklyn DA (promo)
Crazy Ones (promo)
Fake Off (promo)
How I Met Your Mother (promo)
Late Late Show (promo)
Let’s Make A Deal (promo)
Mentalist (promo)
Millers (promo)
Mike & Molly (promo)
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Price Is Right (promo)
Two And A Half Men (promo)
Under the Dome (promo)
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Young and the Restless (promo)