Welcome! My name is Steven Melin and I’m a Film, TV, & Video Game Music Composer / Educator / Arranger. I’m here to help you ELEVATE YOUR STORY. 

I don’t have a big team as a freelance music composer, but I guarantee you individualized attention and quality every step of the process. I enjoy working with small development teams because of their creativity and boldness to challenge the status quo of storytelling. If you’re seeking custom music for your project, I’m here to help you create an engaging experience! Send me an email or connect with me on social media to start the conversation!


On my YouTube Channel, I produce 3 videos every week: Studio Composing (Mon), Music Business (Wed), & VGM Arrangements (Fri). These are designed to teach how to elevate stories through composing effective & impactful music, how to build and cultivate a healthy music business, and how to have fun performing enjoyable music.


As a Best-Selling Instructor on Udemy, I produce full music courses to teach the intricacies of the music industry. Topics include music composition, music production, music business, learning to play instruments quickly, songwriting, keyboard synthesis, and more!


On the weekly Sonic Storytellers Podcast, I host music creation and business chats to equip storytellers to change the world. I regularly bring on guest speakers to learn from their wisdom & experience. I also co-lead the private Sonic Storytellers Facebook Group where we help each other with music composition & production, host events, & share resources!


Also check out my free resources including Free Music to elevate your story, the 2018 Gear Guide for Building Your Music Business, and my Email List with a free 10-page eBook where you will receive weekly updates on all of my music happenings and special discounts!