STEVEN MELIN is the leading music supplier for premium brands. His clients need handcrafted music to bolster brand originality, authenticity, & eccentricity. When time is short & quality is paramount, Steven delivers the highest level of personal service with a 2-day turnaround on every project. Steven works exclusively with premium brands and caps his attention to one project at a time to deliver impeccable craftsmanship.

(S4 / Ep.4) Realistic Sample Performance

Learn how to create a realistic sampled orchestra! In this lecture, we’ll explore realistic sample performance. What are your thoughts on this topic? I read EVERY comment and respond to as many as I can 🙂 Join the Sonic Storytellers private Facebook group!





Steven is the most-trusted mentor for music composers seeking to earn $ix Figures, escape the 9-5, and support their families composing music for digital media. Steven provides hundreds of free premium videos on YouTube to thousands of music composers, training them on music business & music composition + production for digital media. Popular series include Business 101: The Modern Film, TV, & Game Music Composer / How to Create a Realistic Sampled Orchestra / How to Train for Professional Composing Speed / How to Compose Great Melodies & Harmonies for Film, TV, & Video Games / How to Compose Music for Retro Video Game Consoles. 


Steven is also a Best-Selling Udemy instructor with thousands of composers enrolled in his courses. His two Best-Selling courses Film, TV, & Video Game Music Composition + Production BASICS and Video Game Music: The Complete Composer’s Guide have helped students around the world master essential music composition & production skills to launch their professional careers.





Learn to master the art of Sonic Storytelling. Join Steven as he answers top questions from music composers seeking to become full-time, $ix Figure earners. From personal anecdotes to interviews with other industry leaders, Steven tackles your biggest questions about music business, composition, & production! Top episodes include 3 Best Ways to Charge $$$ for Custom Music! / Reaching MILLIONS through TV, Advertising, & Film Music / Does College Education Matter As a Film, TV, & Video Game Composer? / How to Deal with Creative Burnout



Sonic Storytellers is a community of part-time music composers who earn learn less than $100,000 / year writing for films, videos, TV, advertising, video games, podcasts, audio dramas…any media where stories are told through music! The goal of this group is for every member to earn $IX FIGURES, escape the 9-5, and support their family writing music for digital media. In this group, composers actively share resources to build  their music businesses, critique each others’ work, collaborate on projects, & encourage one another!