“When I first ordered this course, I honestly thought I was going to get a lot of the same things I knew about composition work…What Steven did here blows my expectations out of the water. He gives a lot of advanced music theory techniques, as well as detailed help on how to use your DAW, and he keeps you on your toes with some of these quizzes. Especially after you get half way through the course. I don’t regret the money I paid for this course at all, and I’m glad that I have this course to reference when I’m in a bit of a pickle with my own goals.” –Monish C.

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“This is a nice introduction to some of the many facets of writing music for TV, game, and film. While you can’t expect a course of this scale to go too in-depth into any one aspect, it does provide several tips and tricks that an aspiring composer can incorporate rather quickly into their writing. Overall, it was an enjoyable course and it is always nice to get an inside peek behind the scenes of someone working in the industry.” –Hank S.

“Great course! Steven is more than qualified to teach this course and his insight on the nature of composing for video games is well worth your time.” –Mark B.



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