Welcome! My name is Steven Melin and I’m a music composer for media in Atlanta, GA. I specialize in storytelling through writing quirky electronic chiptunes and dramatic orchestral music.

My music has been used across the globe in video games, feature films, television, mobile apps, YouTube videos, and recently a podcast, visual novel, and motion comic! I’m passionate about partnering with great storytellers and utilizing innovative technology to stretch imaginations and achieve the impossible.





Beard Blade (PC) – TBD 2017
Liberty® Deception motion comic – TBD 2017
A More Beautiful World visual novel – 2016
Snail Panic (Android) – 2015
Hills (PC) – 2015
Duel School (PC) – 2014
Worm Run (iOS) – 2013
The 9 Divine (PC) – 2013
Zuwaka (PC) – 2010
Rogue Mercenary (PC) – 2008

Here Died All Cardinals (short) – 2015
Virtuoso (feature) – 2014
Grave Innocence (short) – 2014
Shades (short) – 2012
Freeze (short) – 2012
Zombie Tag (feature) – 2011

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