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Welcome! My name is Steven Melin, music composer and owner of SoundController Audio – a full game audio service based in Atlanta, GA. Whether I’m tickling the ivories, screeching a violin, or banging on another house appliance for my next great sound, I love to make a racket. I’m also an educator and enjoy speaking at universities and conferences, such as the East Coast Game Conference.

What can you expect while working with me? I’m a team player, which means I’m invested in your game. From concept artwork to play-testing the final build, I’m with you every step of the way. I’m reliable, punctual, and a seasoned communicator. You can expect nothing less than my full attention and dedication to enhancing your creative vision. As an Eagle Scout, I’m trustworthy and embrace the Scouting motto I learned at an early age: Always Be Prepared.

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Custom Music

Premium scoring to your exact specification. From one instrument to a full orchestra, I work with speed and precision. Package deal includes all costs of writing, recording, mixing, production, revisions, and deliverables.
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Sound Design

Need SFX for your game? From 8-bit coin sounds to high-quality sci-fi lasers, I have you covered. I can also help you implement all audio files into your game! This service is often included in a package deal with custom music - after all, it saves you TIME and MONEY to work with ONE audio professional instead of more!
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At an early age, I was blessed with an ear for music, which led to studying classical piano and theory. I quickly associated piano as my vehicle for creative expression. As I grew under the influence of iconic classical music composers Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, etc., my passion and love for music expanded. In middle school, I experimented with composing and quickly fell in love. During this time, video game soundtracks including the Final Fantasy series, The Legend of Zelda series, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Sonic the Hedgehog, and countless others spoke deeply into my musical development.

Steve Melin, music studentThroughout my schooling, I also picked up violin and enjoyed exploring its sonorous possibilities. In high school, I began writing orchestral pieces, two of which premiered in school concerts. This motivation propelled me to seek out game developers and begin composing for video games. I also started selling music tracks online at Audio Jungle and began recording video game piano covers under the YouTube alias VGPianoMan, both of which I continue investing in today.

violinWhen I graduated from high school, I sought to pursue a career as a professional pianist, so I attended Kennesaw State University to earn a Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance. During those four years, I focused intensely on maximizing my performance skills and chose to learn numerous additional instruments along the way including vocals, guitars, and percussion. I also spent those years privately studying music composition, where I had the opportunity to premiere a handful of concert works including Tempest for full orchestra (winner of the KSU Composition Contest 2010). Ambitious to enter the industry as soon as possible, I reached out to numerous film directors and video game developers and landed several gigs, including my first commercial game Worm Run and feature film Zombie Tag.


Desiring to further my experience and education as a composer for media, I chose to pursue an MFA in Music Composition for the Screen from Columbia College Chicago. There I significantly improved in music production, technology, conducting, and business skills and enjoyed recording numerous scores with players from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Los Angeles Philharmonic. During the program, I connected with Richard McHugh and his business partner Casey Purvis, the co-founders of Vision1 Music, the leading supplier of music for ABC, CBS, and NBC television networks. I quickly became one of their top writers and have gained incredible experience writing for television commercials. For the last semester of the program, I moved to Los Angeles and interned with television and film composer Joel Goodman (Being Elmo, American Experience), where I developed essential PR and marketing skills. I also had the pleasure of assisting video game composer Garry Schyman (Bioshock series, Shadow of Mordor).

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After graduation, I was approached by film and video game composer Penka Kouneva (Gears of War 3Prince of Persia) to assist her with research and data management. Her mentorship aided me as I further established my craft and transitioned to a full-time career as a musician. Ever since, I’ve been working hard and have enjoyed composing for numerous projects, including short films, another feature film Virtuoso, and video games Duel School, Hills, Snail Panic, A More Beautiful World, and currently Beard Blade.

I now live happily with my wife Natalie and two cats Wolfgang and Lucy in Atlanta, GA where I compose for video games, teach private lessons, give master classes and presentations at schools and conferences, produce video game music YouTube videos, and serve my local church as a keyboardist in the worship band. It’s a life full of love, dedication, music, and laughter.

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