SoundController™ BIG


Welcome! My name is Steven Melin and I’m a music composer for digital media – from film, games, and apps to sonic logos and virtual reality, I bring your world to life through sound. Whether I’m tickling the ivories, screeching a violin, or banging on another house appliance for my next great sound, I love to make a racket. I’m also an educator and enjoy speaking at universities and conferences. Check out my Services page for a full list of how I can enhance your project!

What can you expect while working with me? I’m a team player, which means I’m invested in your project. From concept artwork to play-testing the final build, I’m with you every step of the way. I’m reliable, punctual, and a seasoned communicator. You can expect nothing less than my full attention and dedication to enhancing your creative vision. As an Eagle Scout, I’m trustworthy and embrace the Scouting motto I learned at an early age: Always Be Prepared.

Let’s make something great together!sigblack