The 4 Pillars

With 13 years of media composition industry experience, I’ve learned that there are 4 Pillars that create a successful career:

1) Music Composition
2) Music Production
3) Music Technology
4) Music Business

Having worked with thousands of young composers, I’ve noticed that most have a tendency to focus on only one or two of these areas, leaving a gaping hole in their craft. This is even true of Masters-level graduates from leading music composition universities. I know this because I was one of these students and have spent the last 5 years catching up since earning my MFA. A foundation with broken pillars cannot stand!


What made the difference for me? Mentorship with industry pros. For thousands of years before us, blacksmiths, tailors, & engineers have passed their trades to apprentices. They understood what many have forgotten today – some skills & wisdom have to be passed on privately. Since college, I’m grateful to have had not one, but six A-List composers pour into my career: Garry Schyman (Torn, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Bioshock), Penka Kouneva (Bloodborne, World of Warcraft, Gears of War), Joel Goodman (American Experience, Everything Is Copy, Being Elmo), Grant Kirkhope (Yooka-Laylee, Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye:007), Jason Graves (The Order: 1886Tomb Raider, Dead Space), & Austin Wintory (The Banner Saga, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, Journey).

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Go to the Next Level

Your career is in your hands. How have you recently invested in your Composition skills? Production mastery? Technical proficiency? Business growth? Through my 9-Week Private Coaching program, I’ll take you to the next level of your career. We’ll set goals together, create an action plan, and I’ll hold you accountable.


I studied composition in university, but I've always been a bit uncomfortable with audio (working in a DAW, editing, recording, mixing, etc.). Steven quickly taught me step-by-step with very clear explanations. I’m thankful for the video recordings each week to review all of the feedback! I appreciate that Steven always focused on music as the main point instead of treating audio or digital technology as an abstract concept.

– Marco L.

Working with Steven has allowed me to develop my talents in writing soundtracks, as well as my proficiency in programs like Logic Pro and FMOD. Since my lessons with him, I’ve composed soundtracks for a few game demos and short films, and have begun networking to start my career in soundtracks.

– Austin H.



1 Hour Sessions

9 private coaching sessions scheduled at your convenience within 90 days.


Live DAW Edits

For the first time in coaching history, we can now edit your DAW music sessions in real-time online. Live feedback. Live edits. Fast Results.


HD Video Recording

Every session is video recorded and shared immediately following for review. DAW audio is also captured for HD replay. No time wasted on technical glitches.


In this session, the student shared his Logic Pro X action video game track files with me. I loaded it on my rig and screen-shared as I made live edits to his DAW session. Afterward, I shared the video recording and the edited Logic session for him to continue working.

In just 20 min, we mixed the entire track, exchanged instruments, & bounced new audio tracks!

In a session with another student, we started the process of composing & producing a pop song.

In just one hour, we organized a song structure, learned key command shortcuts, rewrote a drum kit line, mixed electric bass & vocals, and made suggestions to continue the songwriting process. You won’t find this level of deep mentoring anywhere else.

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Ready to Start?

Book a 30 min. Coaching Consultation ($149 value!) below to discuss your composition goals, build an action plan, and have a breakthrough in your career!