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Welcome, I’m Steven Melin and I’m a leading music composer for the screen based in Atlanta, GA. I’m most known for my epic music on over 30 television shows and ad campaigns across FOX, NBC, CBS, Tru TV, BBC, & Sony Pictures Television networks.

I also enjoy scoring dramatic films, crafting authentic 16-bit video game soundtracks, and creating new soundscapes for fantasy podcast series. In a nutshell, I love telling stories through sound. After all, my love for storytelling is what led me here.

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#1 Mentor for Composers

Over the last decade, I’ve had quite the journey in the music education space. Out of my love for music business, I created a YouTube channel where I train tens of thousands of composers to build their own music careers. I also founded the Sonic Storytellers community, where like-minded composers encourage one another to reach their music business goals.

I’m humbled to be the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of Family-First Composer and a Best-Selling course instructor. I also host The Steven Melin Audio Experience podcast and write blog articles to provide valuable free resources to composers who desire to grow.

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Experience with Industry Pros

As an MFA student of the Music Composition for the Screen program at Columbia College Chicago, I was trained by renown Hollywood composers David McHugh, Gary Chang, Kubilay Uner, & Andrew Edwards.

After graduating, I moved to Los Angeles to assist composers Joel Goodman, Penka Kouneva, & Garry Schyman. During this time, I’m grateful to have also been mentored by industry pros Grant Kirkhope, Jason Graves, Austin Wintory.

In 2014, I married my wife Natalie and moved to Atlanta, GA.

Advocate for Foster Care & Adoption

My wife Natalie and I are both advocates for children in the foster care system. As foster & adoptive parents, we’re dedicated to loving children and equipping them with opportunities to succeed in life. Natalie's blog Behind the Why: A Melin Little Hands shares our heart behind foster care and how it became the WHY that fuels our success. We attribute the rescuing hand of Jesus Christ as our motivation for loving children that come from broken places.

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